pardon me, good sir..has u any wood to chuck?
Title: "pardon me, good sir..has u any wood to chuck?"
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Submitted By: kavinrocky


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lolkitties (1043 days ago)
lol thts FUNNY!!!
2078814 (1031 days ago)
I do not relly get ti
truly17 (1031 days ago)
too cute!
yukiwi (1019 days ago)
this is weird
katyren (1012 days ago)
Chuck, why you keep calling me Chuck?
SwampAss87 (991 days ago)
This is by far my absolute favorite pic caption yet. Yes we can tell its not a cat but who cares if your going to single out the rest of nature then don't get pissed when nature bites back. cats aren't the only cool thing around you know. But i must
2078814 (958 days ago)
Lolita don't get relly
Diva1 (693 days ago)
Isnt this website sopsed to be about cats????????????
kittymaster (394 days ago)
u dang wood chuck QUIT CHUCKIN MY WOO
kmcla79 (389 days ago)
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